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The commandos helped organise everything from top to bottom and they were also the most enthusiastic participants of FOSSTIVAL sessions. Under the command of Mohit Singh, the GSOC (GLUG Student Onduty Commandos) team of young Software Freedom enthusiasts comprises of Sandeep Singh (HBTI,Kanpur), Sumit Srivastava, Navneet Rastogi, Nikhil Saxena, Fahad Tasleem, Shikha Singh, Farha Naaz, Harshi Gupta (All from IIMT, Meerut), Arun (MIET, Meerut) and many more soldiers of software freedom from all over India. GLUG-Meerut welcomes all software freedom supporters at Google Groups.

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The GNU/Linux Software Development Workshop of GLUG-Meerut became an icebreaker.