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The author is a software developer and researcher. He likes to play classic rock on his guitar, read self-help books, write, and explore interesting things in his spare time.

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It is possible to perform remote execution and job orchestration on a number of virtual machines with software like Fabric and Ansible, as this …

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In the previous part of this article, we manipulated various aspects of the shell and terminals, like prompts, colours, cursor movements, etc, using escape …


Command-line terminals and the shell have been an integral part of all *NIX systems from the beginning. The shell is the universal interface between …


In an earlier article, we tried out some of the tools to turbo-charge mainly CPU-bound Python programs, without modifying the source code too often. …


Python’s ease of use, friendliness, “batteries-included” huge standard library, plus add-on libraries, make it one of the most popular languages in the FOSS world. …


Python is one of the most popular programming languages ever — its great productivity, flexibility and general-purpose nature efficiently address areas ranging from Internet …

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